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"This Case Is Closed": Family Caregivers and the Termination of Home Health Care Services for Stroke Patients

Publication Date: 06.15.2006
Author: Carol Levine, Steven M. Albert, Alene Hokenstad, Deborah E. Halper,<br> Andrea Y. Hart, and David A. Gould

Published in June 2006 in The Milbank Quarterly, “‘This Case Is Closed': Family Caregivers and the Termination of Home Health Care Services for Stroke Patients” provides an overview of the prospective study. The study enrolled and periodically interviewed a sample of 99 New York City family caregivers taking care of stroke or brain injury patients following their discharge from a hospital or short-term nursing home stay.

A Comparison of Health Insurance Coverage Expansion Strategies in New York and Massachusetts

Publication Date: 12.21.2006

At the December 18, 2006, Health Insurance Coverage Roundtable Meeting, United Hospital Fund President James R. Tallon, Jr., provided this New York-and-Massachusetts comparison of health insurance coverage expansion strategies.

A Death in the Family

Publication Date: 11.28.2001
Author: Carol Levine

This 17-chapter book considers the plight of a new, large, and especially vulnerable group of orphans--those whose parents have died of AIDS. Among the issues discussed are custody and placement, bereavement and mental health, confidentiality and disclosure, and new service models.

A Demographic Overview of New York City's Elderly Population

Publication Date: 10.14.2002
This set of maps shows the areas of densest population of New Yorkers who are over the age of 60. Maps show number and percent for New York City and each of the five boroughs. Requires Powerpoint.

A Survey of Family Caregivers

Publication Date: 01.15.2002
Author: Carol Levine, Alexis Kuerbis, David A. Gould, Maryam Navaie-Waliser, Penny Hollander Feldman, and Karen Donnelan

This special report, written with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, describes the findings from a survey of New York City caregivers. The report details the kinds of assistance caregivers want and need and how they themselves assess their caregiving burdens and satisfactions. The survey yielded compelling insights into family caregivers' lives and tasks, and suggests broad areas for training, support, and further research.

Administration of Medicaid in New York State

Publication Date: 12.17.2006
Author: Deborah Bachrach, Esq., Karen Lipson, Esq., and Kalpana Bhandarkar

The administration of Medicaid in New York is dispersed among multiple agencies, with no single entity controlling more than a portion of the program. A groundbreaking Medicaid Institute™ study analyzes the program's organization, and its implications.

Advancing the Health Information Strategy in New York

Publication Date: 11.26.2006
Author: New York HIT Stakeholders Group Planning Committee

This report was drafted by the New York HIT Stakeholders Group Planning Committee and presented to the New York State Department of Health in July 2006.

Always on Call

Publication Date: 11.29.2001
Author: Carol Levine
This 224-page book presents an intimate look at the world of family caregiving. Compelling narratives by caregivers capture the intensity of the caregiving experience. Chapters by experienced health care professionals analyze the impact of caregiving and question the limits of family responsibility.

An Ethical Framework for New York State Policy Concerning Family Caregivers

Publication Date: 11.14.2006
Author: Carol Levine
This document--a statement of basic values, principles, and community norms that should govern policy-making and implementation--spells out the standards by which specific regulations, policies, and programs can be measured.

An Overview of Medicaid Long-Term Care Programs in New York

Publication Date: 05.13.2009
Author: Alene Hokenstad, Meghan Shineman, and Roger Auerbach

This Medicaid Institute™ report is the first and only data compilation of its kind, aiming to inform current policy discussions about how to address challenges associated with New York's Medicaid long-term care programs.

An Unfinished Revolution

Publication Date: 01.14.2002
Author: Emily Friedman

This 16-chapter book describes women's special contributions to health care in the United States and takes a hard look at the challenges that remain, providing perspectives on women's roles as consumers of health services, health care professionals, research subjects, informal caregivers, and health care leaders.

Annual Report 2003-04

Publication Date: 09.15.2004
The United Hospital Fund's 2003-04 annual report is available as a pdf file.

Annual Report, 2001-02

Publication Date: 08.13.2002
Download the United Hospital Fund's 2001-02 Annual Report.

Approaches to Care Management: The Experiences of New York City's Long-Term Care Plans

Publication Date: 05.30.2003
Managed long-term care plans will need to continue their efforts to refine their assessment and care planning techniques, to successfully recruit, train, and retain qualified staff, and to actively solicit consumer perspectives in the care planning process. With the approaches to care management described above, these managed long-term care plans are well positioned to meet such challenges.

Automated Renewal: Strategies to Maintain Coverage of Eligible Children in Medicaid and Child Health Plus

Publication Date: 01.05.2009
Author: Melinda Dutton, Kerry Griffin, and Andrea Cohen

This report analyzes the potential to enact continuous Medicaid coverage for children in New York State.

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