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Hospital Watch Vital Signs, December 2009

Publication Date: 12.22.2009
Tracking trends through June 2009, this issue reports that emergency department visits spiked in the first half of the year.


Publication Date: 11.20.2009

The United Hospital Fund's 2009 annual report highlights the Fund's accomplishments over the past year and presents a vision—and imperatives—for the future of our health care system.

Reducing Paperwork to Improve Enrollment and Retention in Medicaid and CHIP

Publication Date: 10.26.2009
Author: Jennifer Edwards, Jodi Bitterman, Caroline Davis, Rebecca Kellenberg, and Stan Dorn

This Medicaid Institute™ report examines ways to increase enrollment and retention of eligible children and adults in Medicaid and CHIP, lower administrative program costs, and improve convenience for applicants.

Roundtable on Public Program Simplification

Publication Date: 10.21.2009
Author: N/A

On October 14, 2009, United Hospital Fund convened a roundtable discussion on the simplification of public program enrollment and renewal procedures.

The Big Picture: Private and Public Health Insurance Markets in New York

Publication Date: 10.01.2009
Author: Peter Newell and Allan Baumgarten

An unprecedented portrait of New York's commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, and self-funded insurance markets, The Big Picture provides an in-depth review of those markets and the regulations and policies shaping health insurance in our state.

Updated Nov. 5, 2009

Improving Enrollment and Retention in Medicaid and CHIP

Publication Date: 09.14.2009
Author: Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families

This Medicaid Institute™ report explores a series of federal administrative and legislative changes that states can seek to improve their current public health insurance programs and increase participation.

The Role of Local Government in Administering Medicaid in New York

Publication Date: 08.20.2009
Author: Melinda Dutton, William Bernstein, Kalpana Bhandarkar, and Susan Ingargiola

This report examines how multiple state agencies and 58 local governments share responsibility for administration of New York's Medicaid program.

New York State and the Emerging Federal Health Care Reform Blueprint

Publication Date: 08.04.2009
Author: Peter Newell and Danielle Holahan

This meeting presentation outlined key issues for New York in the federal health care reform debate. It includes background on recent progress made in New York to expand coverage and data on New York's uninsured.

Characteristics and Health Coverage of New York's Noncitizens

Publication Date: 07.17.2009
Author: Danielle Holahan, Allison Cook

Noncitizens represent a large and disproportionate share of New York's uninsured population, according to this Fund report.

Presentations from "Medicaid and National Health Reform"

Publication Date: 07.10.2009

This conference examined critical issues facing the Medicaid program, and the challenges and prospects for national health reform.

Health Insurance Coverage in New York, 2006-2007

Publication Date: 07.01.2009
Author: Allison Cook, Aimee Williams, and Danielle Holahan
Updated and expanded with 2006-2007 data, the Fund's annual chartbook provides an invaluable snapshot of the uninsured in New York.

Presentation of "Managing Care for High-Cost Elderly Duals: A Challenge for Medicaid"

Publication Date: 07.01.2009
Author: Michael Birnbaum

Delivered at the Fourth National Medicaid Congress in Washington, DC, this presentation reviews the findings and policy implications from the Medicaid Institute™ report of the same title.

Providing Behavioral Health Services to Medicaid Managed Care Enrollees

Publication Date: 06.29.2009
Author: Melanie Bella, Stephen A. Somers, and Karen LLanos (all from the Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.)

A report from the United Hospital Fund's Medicaid Institute™ concludes that, for Medicaid beneficiaries with chronic physical health conditions and serious and persistent mental illness, the more integration of physical and behavioral health care services the better.

An Overview of Medicaid Long-Term Care Programs in New York

Publication Date: 05.13.2009
Author: Alene Hokenstad, Meghan Shineman, and Roger Auerbach

This Medicaid Institute™ report is the first and only data compilation of its kind, aiming to inform current policy discussions about how to address challenges associated with New York's Medicaid long-term care programs.

Rethinking Service Delivery for High-Cost Medicaid Patients

Publication Date: 04.08.2009
Author: Michael Birnbaum, Deborah E. Halper

This brief lays out the formidable challenges to improving care for certain high-cost Medicaid beneficiaries, focusing on those with multiple and substantial needs who rely disproportionately on costly hospital inpatient services.

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