New York City Community Health Atlas, 2002 | Archived

Author/Editor: United Hospital Fund Staff

The New York City Community Health Atlas presents two pages of data for each of New York City's 41 neighborhoods, including:

  • population by age and by gender, racial/ethnic group, and immigration status;
  • income level by age;
  • Medicaid enrollment by age;
  • births (total, percent preterm, percent low birthweight, percent very low birthweight, infant mortality, neonatal mortality, late/no prenatal care, mother's marital status);
  • leading causes of death by gender and by age;
  • physician availability;
  • AIDS rates;
  • cases of late diagnosis of cancer;
  • hospital admissions for selected diagnostic categories;
  • preventable hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions; and
  • hospitalizations by age and payor.

Copyright: 2002
Published: 01.24.2002




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