Blueprint, Fall/Winter 2018



An often-overlooked ripple effect of the opioid epidemic of the past decade is its impact on children and families. The lead story of this issue of Blueprint focuses on a groundbreaking UHF project examining the impact of parental opioid abuse on children's mental health, development, and family responsibiliites. The article covers the inaugural meeting of the project in October, which brought together some 40 specialists from around the nation, and describes both the challenges and opportunities that they see. UHF president Tony Shih shares his thoughts about what the opioid crisis says about our health system in "A Word with Tony Shih."  

Other articles in the issue spotlight UHF's Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care-New York (PROPC-NY) initiative, the dangers to New York's individual health insurance market if the individual mandate is repealed, our annual gala held October 1, and our newly released antibiotic toolkit for outpatient practices.



Download the full issue below or read selected features:

What About the Children? Addressing the Opioid Epidemic’s Impact on Families

President’s Letter: What the Opioid Crisis Says About Our Health System

UHF Program Promotes the Patient’s Point of View

Securing Healthier Enrollees for a Healthier Insurance Pool

UHF Gala Honors Three Exceptional Health Care Champions

UHF Toolkit Tackles Antibiotic Resistance

Published: 11.27.2018




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