Blueprint, Summer 2018



Focusing on the delicate two-steps-forward/one-back dance on health insurance coverage and access to care, our cover story spotlights the important work of UHF’s Health Insurance Project and Medicaid Institute in supporting major advances and analyzing impending threats in New York State.

Is health care quality improving? That’s the question UHF President Tony Shih asks in his latest commentary. There’s evidence for and against, but that may not be the right question at all, he suggests. More to the point is what health care stakeholders should be doing to ensure that quality moves in the right direction—a principle guiding much of UHF’s current work.

Also in this issue: the Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative presents findings from its first phase and launches a second; UHF’s two-pronged approach to the over- and misprescribing of antibiotics uses both Medicaid Institute analysis of the problem’s scope and provider-level interventions developed through our Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative; Clinical Quality Fellowship Program capstone projects illustrate the diversity of the latest class of graduates—and of the quality challenges being confronted today; a new report proposes “shared services” as a way to help small primary care practices become medical homes; and more.

Download full issue below or read selected features:

Quietly, Pioneering UHF Work Helps Ensure Access to Care

President’s Letter: Is Health Care Quality Improving?

Grant Spotlight: Partnerships Strengthen Response to At-Risk Children’s Needs

A Two-Pronged Approach to Antibiotic Resistance

Quality Fellows Showcase Impact of Final Projects

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Published: 07.31.2018




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