The Other Shoe Drops: Federal Association Health Plan Regulation Is Next Threat to Coverage in New York

A HealthWatch Brief

Author/Editor: Peter Newell


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Unable to broker a deal with Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Trump administration succeeded in eliminating the individual mandate penalty as part of the tax bill, and it is now pushing to advance its health care policy agenda through a series of regulatory changes that roll back ACA standards. A proposed rule on association health plans (AHPs), previewed in an earlier HealthWatch report, presents a real threat to the gains New York has made under the ACA.

This issue brief examines how the regulation could destabilize New York's individual and small group markets by making it easier to organize healthier groups of individuals or small employers into associations treated as a large group, exempt from many state rating and benefit requirements. This dynamic would increase costs for individuals and small groups seeking comprehensive coverage.

This work was supported by The New York Community Trust and The TD Charitable Foundation.

Copyright: 2018
Published: 06.08.2018




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