The Growth of Medical Homes in New York State, 2014 to 2016

Author/Editor: Gregory Burke


New York State continues to lead the nation in adoption of the medical home model by primary care practices, according to the newest in a series of reports tracking medical home growth in New York State. Compared to previous periods, this update notes slower growth of patient-centered medical homes within New York City. It also notes that much of the overall recent growth of medical homes is occurring in hospital clinics as they expand their primary care programs, the explicit goal of several state initiatives.

This new report examines the continued growth of the medical home model in New York, breaking it out by region, degree of certification, and type of facility. It also explains the number of concurrent and competing medical home models, several of which are being supported by New York State initiatives. The proliferation of models has created some confusion among providers, and raises some logistical questions for the State as it continues to promote primary care: how to align the competing programs, how to encourage multipayer support, how to ensure that medical homes can still start up under value-based payment systems, and how to make sure small practices aren’t left behind in these efforts.

See previous reports in this series, from August 2015 and December 2013. See the related press release.

Development of The Growth of Medical Homes in New York State, 2014 to 2016 was supported in part by The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation and the TD Charitable Foundation.

Published: 09.22.2016




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