Recent Trends and Future Directions for the Medical Home Model in New York

Author/Editor: Greg Burke


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New York has continued to lead the nation in adoption of the medical home model, as measured by the number of practices recognized as Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). Even as the criteria for medical homes evolve, PCMH recognition remains a good marker for primary care transformation and performance improvement.

UHF has been tracking the spread of PCMHs since 2011. This report, the UHF’s fourth, breaks out results by region and practice type, and examines factors associated with the model’s adoption and success. Two factors stand out as drivers of the model’s adoption: practice capacity and the availability of payments related to medical home status. The report also looks ahead toward Advanced Primary Care, a model that New York State is pursuing.

Copyright: 2015
Published: 08.12.2015




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