Implementing and Disseminating a Fall Prevention Program in At-Risk Older Adults Living in a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community-Supportive Services Program

Article published in the International Public Health Journal

Author/Editor: Dale Chaikin, RN, MS, Renee Pekmezaris, PhD, Rajni Walia, MA, Corinne Kyriacou, PhD, Fredda Vladeck, LCSW, and Gayle Kolidas, LCSW

Published in a 2013 issue of the International Public Health Journal (and posted here, with permission), this article examines the impact of a falls prevention program in a naturally occurring retirment community (NORC). The study concludes that the NORC supportive service program  (NORC-SSP) is "an existing public health infrastructure in many U.S. communities. Given the trusting relationship that develops between NORC staff and the resident, and the potential reach of the NORC-SSP model, the NORC-SSP may be a cost-effective, important new resource for the management of various chronic conditions and risks for community-dwelling older adults."

Copyright: 2013
Published: 12.19.2013




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