New York's Nursing Homes: Shifting Roles and New Challenges

Author/Editor: Thomas H. Dennison


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This report from the Medicaid Institute at United Hospital Fund examines nursing home trends in New York, noting that nursing homes have evolved since the ‘90s from primarily providing residential care for seniors to focusing on both post-acute services and long-term care today. The report projects that nursing homes are entering a new phase, characterized by greater integration with other components of the health care and long-term care delivery systems and by changing financial models.

The report also looks at the demographics, health characteristics, and functional limitations of nursing home users, finding that the proportion of elderly New Yorkers relying on nursing homes—and those aged 85 and older in particular—declined between 2000 and 2010. Over the same period, the rates of functional limitation, chronic diseases, mental illness, and obesity among long-stay residents increased.

Copyright: 2013
Published: 08.05.2013




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