Two into One: Merging Markets and Exchanges under the Affordable Care Act

Author/Editor: Peter Newell and Bela Gorman


The Affordable Care Act sets prescriptive standards for health benefit exchanges, but it also gives states leeway in how to set up those exchanges. This new report from the United Hospital Fund—Two into One: Merging Markets and Exchanges under the Affordable Care Act—focuses on two discretionary decisions for New York involving mergers: first, merging the health benefit exchanges for individuals and small businesses, and second, merging the individual and Small Group markets.

Through analysis of different scenarios involving varying estimates of the size and relative health status of the newly insured and the current individual and Small Group markets, Two into One presents estimates of the premium change that would result from setting rates for these populations based on the combined experience of individuals and groups.

Two into One is the third in a series of health benefit exchange-related research projects by the Fund that are supported by the New York State Health Foundation.

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Published: 09.14.2011




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