Medicaid Personal Care in New York City: Service Use and Spending Patterns

Author/Editor: Sarah Samis and Michael Birnbaum


This report examines elderly dual Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries in New York City, and a particular type of Medicaid long-term care service they receive—personal care, which includes assistance with eating, bathing, and dressing, as well as activities associated with independent living such as shopping and meal preparation. The report takes two distinct looks at one group of personal care recipients, elderly dual Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries in New York City. It provides a brief examination of those who received care during December 2008, and it also profiles in depth a cohort of beneficiaries first receiving the service in 2003 and follows them through 2008.

Among the findings, the report identifies substantial variation in the rates of personal care utilization across the city. Another finding that highlights the magnitude and complexity of the care management and cost containment challenges faced by policymakers is that once Medicaid beneficiaries become personal care recipients, they typically will not revert to lower levels of service use or cost.

An accompanying report examines regional variation in long-term care across New York State.

Read the related press release.

Copyright: 2010
Published: 12.28.2010




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