Medicaid Long-Term Care in New York: Variation by Region and County

Author/Editor: Michael Birnbaum, Elizabeth M. Patchias, and Jennifer Heffernan


This report analyzes rates of service use and levels of spending per recipient across New York State, documenting variation by region and by county. It also examines four interrelated factors—demographics, reimbursement policies, availability of service, and local administration—to begin to explain regional variation.

Among the findings, spending in New York City accounts for 66 percent of long-term care spending statewide, a level somewhat higher than the city’s share of all elderly and disabled Medicaid beneficiaries in the state (58 percent). The component parts of this spending, too, are far from uniform across the state: compared to its overall share of costs, New York City is home to a significantly lower share of nursing home spending (52 percent), and a significantly higher share of spending on home health services (80 percent) and personal care (84 percent).

An accompanying report examines Medicaid spending on personal care in New York City.

Read the related press release.

Copyright: 2010
Published: 12.28.2010




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