Medicaid Transportation in New York: Background and Options

Author/Editor: Kathy Kuhmerker, Mary Beth Pohl, Chris Park, and Kavita Choudhry


Ensuring that beneficiaries have appropriate access to care—including transportation to health care services—is an integral part of Medicaid.  In New York, fee-for-service non-emergency Medicaid transportation services cost the State more than $370 million in 2009.  This new report, Medicaid Transportation in New York: Background and Options, describes these services, considers the strengths and weaknesses of the state's program, and assesses alternative approaches to improve the program and reduce costs. 

The report, written by staff from the Lewin Group for the United Hospital Fund's Medicaid Institute, is especially timely because recent legislation gives the State Department of Health new authority to change the structure of the program, which currently delegates much responsibility to county (and New York City) local social services departments.

Copyright: 2010
Published: 11.16.2010




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