Bridging Troubled Waters

Family Caregivers, Transitions, and Long-Term Care

Author/Editor: Carol Levine, Deborah Halper, Ariella Peist, and David Gould

 The January 2010 issue of Health Affairs features a United Hospital Fund staff-written article titled “Bridging Troubled Waters: Family Caregivers, Transitions, and Long-Term Care,” which in part focuses on the Fund's work on family caregiving—including the Next Step in Care campaign—but also offers four recommendations:

• Develop information about caregiver and care system interactions
• Make working with family caregivers a core competency for health care and social service professionals
• Fully integrate family caregivers in medical home and transitional care programs
• Create payment schemes that include caregiver needs assessment and support

The full article is available, courtesy of the Fund, at :

 After July 8, 2010, the article will be avaliable only through subscription to Health Affairs.

Copyright: 2010
Published: 01.08.2010