The Role of Local Government in Administering Medicaid in New York | Archived

Author/Editor: Melinda Dutton, William Bernstein, Kalpana Bhandarkar, and Susan Ingargiola


This report from the Fund's Medicaid Institute examines how multiple state agencies and 58 local governments share responsibility for administration of New York's Medicaid program. It assesses the key responsibilities and functions undertaken by local governments, and New York's ability to administer Medicaid effectively. This is the third in a series of reports authored by colleagues at Manatt Health Solutions. The first, Administration of Medicaid in New York State: Key Players and Their Roles, examined the role of state government in the administration of Medicaid. The second, Understanding the New State/County Paradigm: The 2005 New York Medicaid Cap Legislation, documented state legislation that capped local governments' financial contribution to Medicaid.

Copyright: 2009
Published: 08.20.2009




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