Characteristics and Health Coverage of New York's Noncitizens | Archived

Author/Editor: Danielle Holahan, Allison Cook


Noncitizens represent a large and disproportionate share of New York's uninsured population, according to this Fund report. Nearly 30 percent of the state's uninsured are noncitizens, and noncitizens are three times more likely to be uninsured than citizens—important facts for state and federal policymakers to consider as discussions on expanding health insurance coverage proceed.

The report looks at similarities and differences in health insurance coverage patterns, not just between citizens (14.6 million) and noncitizens (1.9 million), but also, where possible, between documented (1.2 million) and undocumented (0.7 million) noncitizens.

Addressing the high uninsured rates among the noncitizen population is an important component of insurance expansion discussions. This report provides a better understanding of the characteristics and coverage patterns of New York’s noncitizen population overall—and, when possible, its undocumented population—in order to inform these discussions.

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Copyright: 2009
Published: 07.17.2009




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