Hard Times and Health Insurance | Archived

Staying Covered When You Lose Your Job

Author/Editor: Peter Newell and Mark Scherzer, Esq.


In response to the growing number of New Yorkers who risked losing health insurance coverage in the 2008-2009 troubled economy, this guide--the first to help New Yorkers understand how to benefit from the COBRA premium assistance enacted in early 2009--presents practical advice on state and federal protections, and how to exercise them. (Updated 6/1/09)

While the program providing federal subsidies for COBRA coverage has expired, COBRA remains a valuable employee benefit, and there are many state programs to help New Yorkers who lose emploer-sponsoired coverage.

For updates from April and March 2010 and December 2009, download the additional files below.

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Published: 03.03.2009