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Seeking New Health Care Models in an Uncertain Time

Release Date: 11.18.2016
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Health policy expert Kavita Patel, MD, lays out competing visions for cost and payment reforms in her keynote to the 27th Annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York.

Hospital Clinics Are Main Driver of Recent Growth in Primary Care Medical Homes in New York

Release Date: 09.21.2016
Contact: Miles Finley

UHF has released the third in a series of reports tracking medical home growth in New York State. 

Effective Value-Based Payment for Children Requires Different Quality Measures than Those for Adults, Says UHF Report

Release Date: 06.16.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna

A new report focuses on the quality measures to consider as part of value-based payment arrangements for children’s health care.

New Framework to Help Providers Integrate Behavioral Health into Primary Care Practices

Release Date: 06.07.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna
A new guide will help primary care practices increase their ability to serve patients with mental health issues within their primary health care settings.

UHF Report Outlines Changing Roles for Providers and Health Plans under Full-Risk Capitation Payment Approaches

Release Date: 05.05.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna
This UHF report examines the shifting roles of providers and payers related to the adoption of full-risk capitation. Presenting opportunities and challenges for providers, health plans, consumers, and policymakers, the report also summarizes a number of open issues.

UHF Report Examines Links Between the Performance and Characteristics of New York's Accountable Care Organizations

Release Date: 04.18.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna
A UHF report examines the performance of New York’s accountable care organizations in Year 2 of the federal Medicare Shared Savings Program, finding that they lag the national experience on cost savings but outperform it on quality results.

United Hospital Fund Report Identifies Key Opportunities to Support Children's Health Through Innovations in Pediatric Primary Care

Release Date: 01.07.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna

A new report presents four key issues deemed paramount to ensure that each contact a young child has with the health care system not only responds to his or her acute needs but also promotes the child’s full development—including physical, mental, and cognitive health.

Greg Burke: The Medical Home Model Provides Professional Satisfaction, But Challenges Remain

Release Date: 09.18.2015

In a two-part interview by MD Magazine, Greg Burke, director of innovation strategies at United Hospital Fund, discusses the challenges to the broader adoption of the medical home, a primary care delivery model.

Continuing Growth of Medical Homes in New York Is Spurred by Hospital Teaching Clinics

Release Date: 08.12.2015
Contact: Bob de Luna

Between 2013 and 2014, New York State experienced nearly 20 percent growth in the number of health care providers formally recognized as Patient-Centered Medical Homes, according to a new report from the United Hospital Fund,

“Convenient Care,” a Growing Trend in Ambulatory Care

Release Date: 04.16.2015

In this Q&A, originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of Blueprint, Greg Burke, director of Iinnovation strategies, discusses issues examined in the report Convenient Care: Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers in New York State.

Accountable Care Has the Potential to Improve Care and Reduce Costs, Say Leaders with Early Experience

Release Date: 04.08.2015
Contact: Bob de Luna

Two new United Hospital Fund reports examine the early experience of New York’s Medicare accountable care organizations, pointing to them as “potentially transformative innovations.”

United Hospital Fund Report Examines Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics in New York

Release Date: 02.05.2015
Contact: Bob de Luna

The United Hospital Fund has published a report on urgent care centers and retail clinics—collectively known as “convenient care”—in New York State.

Jim Tallon: Work in Progress

Release Date: 11.03.2014

In large part, the success of our "new" health care system will be determined by how we explain it, and how we connect the people and institutions who count on it.

Reports Find Growth Has Slowed in the Number of Patient-Centered Medical Homes in New York

Release Date: 12.16.2013
Contact: Bob de Luna

While the number of health care providers recognized as Patient-Centered Medical Homes continues to grow in New York, that growth has slowed, according to two new reports from the United Hospital Fund.

Jim Tallon: On the Right Track

Release Date: 07.01.2013
Contact: Bob de Luna

Despite assertions to the contrary, the ACA is very much on the right track—but we need to make the evidence heard.

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