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Carol Levine: Getting Ready for Medicare’s New ID Cards: What Providers and Beneficiaries Need to Know and Do

Release Date: 03.15.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

New Medicare ID cards, meant to reduce identity theft, require updates to providers' office systems—and some guidance and reassurance for patients.

United Hospital Fund Transfers Ownership of Model Website to NYS Office for the Aging to Help Senior-Serving Community Organizations be More Strategic and Effective

Release Date: 11.07.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

United Hospital Fund has transferred its NORC Blueprint: A Guide to Community Action website to the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA), effective immediately.

Carol Levine: Can a Medicare Beneficiary Assigned to Observation Services Appeal the Decision?

Release Date: 08.16.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

“Observation” instead of “inpatient” status can cost patients and their families thousands of dollars, both for their hospital stays and following rehab services. A decision allowing a class action suit against HHS and CMS may finally alter that.

Fredda Vladeck: Better Partnerships for Better Health

Release Date: 02.10.2016

For a forthright exchange and true partnership with their clients’ health care providers, community-based organizations have to become targeted and systematic in how they serve their clients, and be able to demonstrate that.

Jim Tallon: Work in Progress

Release Date: 11.03.2014

In large part, the success of our "new" health care system will be determined by how we explain it, and how we connect the people and institutions who count on it.

United Hospital Fund Awards Grants Totaling $125,000 to Improve Health Services in New York City

Release Date: 06.25.2014
Contact: Bob de Luna

The United Hospital Fund announced six grants, totaling $125,000, for projects to improve health care services in New York.

Diabetes Strategy Yielding Improved Senior Health

Release Date: 04.15.2014
Contact: Bob de Luna

The Fund's Together on Diabetes-NYC community partnership is significantly improving seniors' health and outlook, early analysis shows.

Jim Tallon: Making Change Work

Release Date: 10.29.2013
Contact: Robert de Luna

The story line now, as in the past, is how the Fund is meeting today's unique health care challenges and opportunities by shaping workable, sustainable change.

United Hospital Fund Awards Grants Totaling $265,000 to Improve Health Services in New York City

Release Date: 06.27.2013
Contact: Bob de Luna

Among the projects funded are a program to serve nursing home residents with dementia, a referral system to connect low-income patients with essential non-medical resources, a care-coordination model to serve primary care patients, and a community-based model of diabetes management for seniors.

United Hospital Fund Provides $365,000 for Grants to Improve Health Services in New York City

Release Date: 03.11.2013
Contact: Bob de Luna

Among the projects funded are two pioneering multi-hospital initiatives, one to improve the day of transition from hospital to home care or rehab and the other to reduce the incidence of serious infections in home care patients receiving infusions of chemotherapy or other medications.

Fredda Vladeck: Community Matters: Rethinking an Aging Society

Release Date: 03.26.2012

This keynote was delivered by Fredda Vladeck, director of the Aging in Place Initiative, on March 26, 2012,  at a Philadelphia Corporation for Aging conference on urban aging.

11 Results
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