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Examining Opioid Epidemic’s Impact on Children and Families

Release Date: 08.01.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Largely lost in all the coverage of the current opioid epidemic are the effects on the children of addicted parents. A new UHF project seeks to examine and address the epidemic’s impact on mental health, development, and family responsibilities.

Grant Spotlight: Partnerships Strengthen Response to At-Risk Children’s Needs

Release Date: 07.31.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Partnerships for Early Childhood Development moves on to Phase II—and improved referrals for critical psychosocial needs.

Early Childhood Initiative Screens Very Young Children for Psychosocial Needs, Finds Families Most Need Child Care and Adult Education

Release Date: 07.12.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

An early childhood initiative that partnered 11 health systems withcommunity-based organizations screened 5,534 very young children and their caregivers in New York City over the past year for socioeconomic factors that can affect a child’s health.

United Hospital Fund Launches Second Phase of Early Childhood Development Initiative to Address Social and Economic Factors Affecting Children’s Health

Release Date: 07.09.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

UHF launched the second phase of its Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative to address social determinants affecting the health of very young children


Suzanne Brundage Named UHF’s Patricia S. Levinson Fellow

Release Date: 04.20.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Suzanne Brundage, director of the Children’s Health Initiative at United Hospital Fund, has been selected as UHF’s Patricia S. Levinson Fellow.

UHF and New York State Partner to Benefit Youngest Children

Release Date: 04.18.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

UHF plays a lead role in guiding development of a ten-point action plan for New York State’s First 1000 Days on Medicaid initiative.

Child Health Project Highlights Value of Partnership

Release Date: 04.18.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

First-year results show the promise of UHF’s Partnerships for Early Childhood Development model.

President’s Letter: To Increase Value, Go Beyond Health Care

Release Date: 04.17.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Increasing the “value equation”—and overall health—requires going beyond the health care system to engage in effective clinical-community partnerships. 

29th Annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York: Research and Practice—Call for Posters

Release Date: 03.22.2018
Contact: Hollis Holmes

Abstracts of posters to be considered for presentation at the annual Research Symposium may now be submitted, with a deadline of June 22, 2018.

UHF Awards $219,107 in Grants to Improve Primary Care in New York

Release Date: 02.26.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

UHF awarded two grants totaling $219,107 for projects aimed at improving primary care by addressing the social determinants of health.

Interest in Early Childhood Health Leads to Three Funders Working Together

Release Date: 01.19.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

UHF, the Altman Foundation, and The New York Community Trust model grantmaker collaboration with their joint Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative.

Initiative to Invest in Children Key to State’s Prosperity

Release Date: 01.18.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Gov. Cuomo’s “First 1,000 Days of Life Initiative” is good news for New York’s children and families, write UHF President Anthony Shih, MD, and Patricia S. Levinson Fellow Suzanne Brundage, in an Albany Times-Union commentary.

Carol Levine: The Statistics Don’t Capture the Opioid Epidemic’s Impact on Children

Release Date: 01.08.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

When parents become addicted to opioids or die of an overdose, their children also bear the burden—yet children are rarely the focus of concerted planning and action to combat this new pandemic, writes Carol Levine in a commentary in the national publication STAT.

Crain’s Health Pulse Interview: “New UHF President Sets Policy Agenda Amid D.C.’s Ever-Changing Health Care Landscape”

Release Date: 12.18.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Crain’s New York York Health Pulse interviews UHF President Anthony Shih, MD, MPH, about health care trends.

New York State Medicaid Director Announces Initiative for Young Children at UHF Conference

Release Date: 07.25.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson announced the First 1000 Days on Medicaid Initiative at United Hospital Fund’s annual Medicaid conference on July 20. The Initiative aims to improve access to health and social services for children during their first three years. 

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