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Learning Collaborative: How Do We Prioritize Patients’ Goals?

Release Date: 07.19.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

The second meeting of participants in a learning collaborative that is part of the Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care–New York (PROPC–NY) initiative took place at United Hospital Fund on June 20. A project of UHF’s Quality Institute, PROPC–NY, supported by a $300,000 grant from the Engelberg Foundation, aims to better capture how patients experience and evaluate their own health care, in order to improve care planning and its impact.    

PECD Learning Collaborative: Getting to Know You

Release Date: 06.13.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Building working relationships was the challenge at the first Partnerships for Early Childhood Development learning collaborative meeting, when health care providers and community agencies, many of them strangers to each other, brainstormed on a common vision.

Clinical Quality Fellows: Agents of Health Care Change

Release Date: 05.19.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

The latest graduating class of Clinical Quality Fellows are addressing the challenges of increasing system-wide connections and patient-centered care.

UHF Kicks Off Learning Collaborative to Help Hospital-Community Partnerships Help Children

Release Date: 04.27.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

The Partnerships for Early Childhood Development, addressing social determinants of health, brings pediatric primary care and social service agencies together for the initial webinar of its Learning Collaborative, to boost skills and share experiences.

Non-Profit Leaders Discuss the Future of Health Care Reform

Release Date: 02.03.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

At a panel discussion on January 24, 2017, hosted by Philanthropy New York, David Sandman and Jim Tallon discussed health care reform and the prospect of replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Home Health Care Refusals: Bridging the Communications Gap

Release Date: 12.14.2016
Contact: Catherine Arnst

A roundtable sponsored by UHF and the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation examines the reasons some people refuse follow-up home care services.

Seeking New Health Care Models in an Uncertain Time

Release Date: 11.18.2016
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Health policy expert Kavita Patel, MD, lays out competing visions for cost and payment reforms in her keynote to the 27th Annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York.

Medicaid Conference Takes Stock on Value-Based Payment

Release Date: 07.15.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna

A summary of UHF's 2016 Medicaid conference, "Medicaid in New York: Progressing to Value-Based Payment."

Quality Fellows Use New Skills to Improve Patient Care

Release Date: 04.21.2016
Contact: Bob de Luna

Having completed an intensive 15-month program to learn proven techniques to advance quality and patient safety programs in their hospitals, the 2015/2016 class of the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program and their Capstone projects were celebrated and featured at a culminating meeting and dinner at United Hospital Fund on April 14.

“Convenient Care,” a Growing Trend in Ambulatory Care

Release Date: 04.16.2015

In this Q&A, originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of Blueprint, Greg Burke, director of Iinnovation strategies, discusses issues examined in the report Convenient Care: Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers in New York State.

Research Symposium Examines Incentives for Healthy Behavior

Release Date: 12.08.2014
Contact: Bob de Luna

Promoting healthy behavior through incentives was the theme of the 25th Annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York, co-hosted by the Fund and the GNYHA Foundation.

Medicaid Conference Explores Collaboration as Tool of Reform

Release Date: 07.16.2014

Nearly 400 providers, payers, policymakers, advocates, and other stakeholders explored the accomplishments and ongoing challenges of reform at the Fund’s 2014 Medicaid conference, featuring keynotes by New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson and SCAN Foundation President Bruce Chernof, MD, and two panels of in-the-field experts.

Clinical Quality Fellows Share Practical Lessons

Release Date: 05.13.2014
Contact: Bob de Luna

New graduates of the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program marked the completion of their intensive quality improvement training with the presentation of three of the program’s required “capstone” projects. The class is the sixth to participate in the nationally recognized program— sponsored by United Hospital Fund and the Greater New York Hospital Association—that is preparing a new generation of quality improvement and patient safety experts and “champions.”

Diabetes Strategy Yielding Improved Senior Health

Release Date: 04.15.2014
Contact: Bob de Luna

The Fund's Together on Diabetes-NYC community partnership is significantly improving seniors' health and outlook, early analysis shows.

14 Results
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