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Learning Retreat Marks Tenth Class of Clinical Quality Fellows

Release Date: 02.20.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

The tenth class of the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program started intensive training as quality improvement experts with a two-day retreat in January. 

Tony Shih: Interesting Times

Release Date: 02.14.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Unprecedented uncertainty at the federal level about health policy hs clarified the continued relevance and importance of UHF, says Tony Shih in his annual report president’s message.

The Quality Institute: A Year of Progress

Release Date: 02.14.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

With a focus on three strategic building blocks of safe, effective health care, the Quality Institute at United Hospital Fund has made real progress on key initiatives over the past year. 

Bolstering Small-Practice “Medical Home” Capabilities

Release Date: 02.14.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Small independent primary care providers are a vital lifeline for New Yorkers, but these practices are at risk of falling behind in the race toward medical home recognition and value-based purchasing. A UHF partnership with New York City is yielding valuable guidance on potential ways forward.

Chad Shearer: The Historic Promise and Uncertain Future of Medicaid

Release Date: 02.01.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

With complex challenges facing the vital safety-net program, Medicaid’s future is increasingly uncertain, the director of UHF’s Medicaid Institute told the David Rogers Health Policy Colloquium.

Pooja Kothari: Why UHF is Spearheading Antibiotic Stewardship Efforts

Release Date: 01.30.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Why UHF expanded its antibiotic stewardship to the outpatient setting and to nursing homes.

Interest in Early Childhood Health Leads to Three Funders Working Together

Release Date: 01.19.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

UHF, the Altman Foundation, and The New York Community Trust model grantmaker collaboration with their joint Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative.

Initiative to Invest in Children Key to State’s Prosperity

Release Date: 01.18.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Gov. Cuomo’s “First 1,000 Days of Life Initiative” is good news for New York’s children and families, write UHF President Anthony Shih, MD, and Patricia S. Levinson Fellow Suzanne Brundage, in an Albany Times-Union commentary.

Tony Shih: 2018 and Beyond

Release Date: 01.10.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

The past year was a remarkable one for health policy, with uncertainty and flux on both federal and state levels—and several major trends posing new challenges and opportunities.

Carol Levine: The Statistics Don’t Capture the Opioid Epidemic’s Impact on Children

Release Date: 01.08.2018
Contact: Catherine Arnst

When parents become addicted to opioids or die of an overdose, their children also bear the burden—yet children are rarely the focus of concerted planning and action to combat this new pandemic, writes Carol Levine in a commentary in the national publication STAT.

Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Small Practices Tackle the Challenge

Release Date: 12.19.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

With training and some additional resources, even small primary care practices can routinely screen for and treat depression and anxiety—bringing care to the bulk of patients with those conditions who now go undiagnosed and untreated. A new UHF-supported project is testing a step-by-step approach to taking on that challenge.

Crain’s Health Pulse Interview: “New UHF President Sets Policy Agenda Amid D.C.’s Ever-Changing Health Care Landscape”

Release Date: 12.18.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Crain’s New York York Health Pulse interviews UHF President Anthony Shih, MD, MPH, about health care trends.

Family Caregiving Summit: Innovations Needed for Overlooked Groups of Caregivers

Release Date: 12.15.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

Speakers at a family caregiving summit said much more needs to be done to support young caregivers and isolated caregivers in rural areas.

Comprehensive Review Finds Meaningful Health Care Quality Information for New York State Consumers Severely Lacking

Release Date: 12.12.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

A comprehensive UHF Quality Institute report reveals that the information New York State consumers most want when making health care choices is severely lacking.

Tony Shih: Our Core Values

Release Date: 12.07.2017
Contact: Catherine Arnst

In an extraordinary time, articulating our core values is a public statement of accountability.

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