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The Fund's landmark report, A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York, published in December 2006, made a significant contribution to the policy debate around coverage expansion options and associated costs. Continuing Fund work describes progress toward universal coverage—and key outstanding policy issues.  A 2010 update of that report, New York State and the Emerging Federal Health Care Reform Blueprint, examined how key federal health reform issues present important new policy considerations for New York. 

This 2010 "Blueprint Update" maps the progress made toward expanding coverage in New York and the nation since 2006 and highlights key policy considerations New York will face under federal health reform.   Issues explored include those related to insurance market reforms, the development of insurance exchanges, Medicaid expansion, and subsidies to assure affordability.  As the state now works to implement national health reform, the Fund continues to analyze these critical issues, with a particular focus on the insurance exchanges and Medicaid enrollment issues.

A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York was the result of the Blueprint for Coverage project established in 2005 by the United Hospital Fund, working jointly with The Commonwealth Fund. The project analyzed distinct and complementary approaches to improving access to public health insurance programs, expanding the scope and reach of those programs to cover more low-income uninsured, and assessed the potential for mandating employer or individual responsibility for health insurance.  Two key components made up the project: modeling of policy options to increase coverage among low-income New Yorkers, and roundtable meetings on key analytic issues underlying policy choices in the expansion of health insurance coverage in New York State.

A related Urban Institute report, Caring for the Uninsured in New York, documents costs of uncompensated care in New York in 2005, and estimates the incremental cost of covering the uninsured—findings consistent with those in A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York.

Roundtable Discussions

As both the state and federal government explored options for achieving universal coverage and now work to implement national health reform, the Fund has convened a series of roundtable meetings to discuss policy choices and strategies.  The themes of these meetings, which bring together state and national health policy leaders for frank discussions, have included:


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