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Pursuing Quality Health Care for All New Yorkers

Across the spectrum of care settings, UHF’s work on quality measurement and improvement is making New York’s health care system more patient-focused, outcome-driven, safer, and effective.

The Quality Institute at United Hospital Fund, in partnership with key stakeholders, develops and promotes innovative strategies to strengthen and spread best practices across the spectrum of health care settings. We tackle tough questions about how to define and measure quality, engage patients in improving services, and are developing the next generation of health care quality improvement leaders.

A  broad-ranging advisory group is guiding this work, which falls into three areas:

As health care moves toward paying for value rather than volume, the Quality Institute is working with a variety of partners, including the New York State Department of Health, to develop and implement meaningful measures of provider performance—measures that reflect a growing concern, for example, with primary care’s attention to prevention, management of acute and chronic disease, and cost-effective, appropriate use of services.

Through a State Innovation Models (SIM) contract with the New York State Department of Health (Health Research Incorporated), the Quality Institute provides expertise, analysis, and strategic support for oversight of quality measurement, monitoring, and improvement for the Advanced Primary Care (APC) transformation program.

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Tremendous strides have been made in quality improvement and patient safety but health care providers need continuing support and resources to ensure safe and effective care within a value-based model. Quality Institute initiatives, individually and in partnerships, promote the systematic use of best practices in a range of care settings. The Institute’s Antibiotic Stewardship Certificate Program and Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative, for example, anticipated and address a national priority of ensuring the prudent use of antibiotics across settings—not only in hospital inpatient care but in nursing homes and ambulatory care as well. 

The UHF/Greater New York Hospital Association Clinical Quality Fellowship Program (CQFP) supports and extends those efforts by training a cadre of physicians and nurses to become quality improvement specialists and champions; many of these Fellows go on to leadership positions in institutions throughout the New York metropolitan area. At a more macro level, the High Reliability Leadership Forum brings together senior leaders from 11 GNYHA member hospitals to develop strategies for sustainable quality improvement efforts at their facilities. 

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Current measures of performance tend to focus on the volume and type of care provided and not on outcomes that could aid patients’ treatment decisions or help engage them in their care. The Quality Institute is leading efforts to assess, advance, and spread measures that will help patients make informed decisions about choosing a health care provider for their specific needs, and that will reflect patients’ perceptions of the outcomes of treatment—observable changes in their functioning, for example—to improve care planning and evaluation.

Read more about our work to promote better discharge planning and ensure the accessibility of information and tools needed to help patients and families make informed choices about post-acute care.

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The Quality Institute is supported, in part, by:
Charina Endowment Fund
The Hearst Foundations
New York State Department of Health (Health Research Incorporated)
New York State Health Foundation
The Engelberg Foundation

The content on these pages was prepared by UHF and does not necessarily represent the views of these funders.

The Quality Institute team
Anne-Marie J. Audet, MD, MSc, SM, Senior Medical Officer
Joan Guzik, MBA, CPHQ, Director, Quality Improvement
Deborah Halper, MS, MPH, Vice President, Education and Program Initiatives
Pooja Kothari, RN, MPH, Program Manager
Roopa Mahadevan, MA, Policy and Program Manager
Lynn Rogut, MCRP, Director, Quality Measurement and Care Transformation

Earlier Quality Initiatives

Quality Institute projects build on a decade of UHF quality work, independently and in partnership with Greater New York Hospital Association and other organizations. For an overview of these earlier projects and their accomplishments, click here.