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Partnerships for Early Childhood Development, Phase II

Grant Date: 07.09.2018
Amount: $709,122

Building on the first phase of the Partnerships for Early Childhood Development, eight pediatric providers and their community partners will work to further enhance their abilities to identify and address the social determinants of health that have profound impact on the healthy development of young children, with a particular focus on "closing the referral loop" between providers and partnering community-based social services agencies.

Greater New York Hospital Association

Grant Date: 10.19.2017
Amount: $125,000

To build provider capacity and enhance the quality of care within health systems across the greater New York region through GNYHA/UHF activities aimed at: bolstering clinical quality improvement leadership through the continuation and expansion of the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program; providing an opportunity for senior leadership of health care organizations to learn about “high–reliability” principles and implement them in their organizations.

UHF Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative, Stage II

Grant Date: 04.25.2017
Amount: $296,887

While much effort on the critical issue of antibiotic resistance focuses on the inpatient setting, UHF’​s Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative Stage I engaged hospital-owned outpatient practices in analyzing prescribing practices and developing action plans based on CDC Core Strategies. Stage II will build on that work and assist participants as they design, implement, and evaluate their own strategies to decrease overuse and misuse of antibiotics, specifically for adults with acute respiratory infections. Seven hospitals and health systems, with a total of 35 outpatient sites, are involved.

Partnerships for Early Childhood Development

Grant Date: 02.16.2017
Amount: $ Various

To identify and address selected psychosocial risks to development associated with childhood and family poverty, through screening of young children in pediatric primary care practices and referrals to partnering community-based social service organizations for needed interventions and services.

Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care (PROPC)-NY Initiative

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $149,322 over 18 months

To better understand patient perspectives and help prioritize the patient voice in the delivery of high-quality primary care in New York by advancing the use of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs).

Greater New York Hospital Association

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $130,000

To increase provider capacity and enhance the quality of care within health systems across the greater New York region by building quality improvement leadership and by supporting hospitals and nursing homes in developing antibiotic stewardship programs.

Montefiore Medical Center

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $188,320 over two years

To pilot-test a new framework for integrating behavioral health care services into primary care—developed and disseminated with earlier UHF support—in four primary care medical practices in New York City. Project leaders will provide technical assistance to support the use of the framework, identify implementation challenges, and fine tune the framework based on project findings and results.

New York University School of Medicine

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $135,000 over two years

To foster the identification of Emergency Department patients at significant risk for future homelessness, and develop effective preventive interventions.

Legal Action Center

Grant Date: 06.16.2016
Amount: $60,000

To publish two issue briefs on policies and practices that best engage and retain justice-involved individuals in effective health care, drawing on the organization’s experience working with New York State to enroll these individuals into Medicaid and connecting them with coordinated care.

UHF Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative

Grant Date: 02.17.2016
Amount: $310,180

To address the critical issue of antibiotic resistance—to date a focus of work primarily in inpatient settings—by engaging hospital-owned outpatient practice sites in analyzing the factors affecting prescribing practices and developing a comprehensive action plan to test, implement, and evaluate appropriate antibiotic stewardship best practices.

Data & Society Research Institute

Grant Date: 02.17.2016
Amount: $70,000
To generate an overview of New York-based activity to develop relevant apps, clinical decision tools, connected devices, and other assistive digital health technology for patients with multiple chronic conditions, and to create a framework for evaluating such technology.

Medicare Rights Center

Grant Date: 02.17.2016
Amount: $75,305
To enhance organizations’ capacity to promote the interests of consumers within new health system transformation models in New York State, and help consumers become better informed and active participants in shaping new models. Medicare Rights Center will assess the care landscape, including payment and delivery system innovations and next steps for education and policy.

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy

Grant Date: 01.20.2016
Amount: $61,708

To help ensure that the unique health needs of children are considered in New York’s health care reform efforts, by assessing the impact on child health of various approaches to value-based payment, and disseminating findings to policymakers and other stakeholders.

New Yorkers for Patient and Family Empowerment

Grant Date: 01.20.2016
Amount: $80,000

To improve patient care through a learning collaborative of up to 20 New York City hospitals focusing on supporting visiting policies that recognize, engage, and support family caregivers as partners in care.

Community Service Society of New York

Grant Date: 11.25.2015
Amount: $10,000

To address the challenge of giving undocumented immigrants access to health insurance, by completing modeling and analytic work on four specific policy options.

Results 1 - 15 of 84
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