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Medicare Rights Center

Grant Date: 02.17.2016
Amount: $75,305
To enhance organizations’ capacity to promote the interests of consumers within new health system transformation models in New York State, and help consumers become better informed and active participants in shaping new models. Medicare Rights Center will assess the care landscape, including payment and delivery system innovations and next steps for education and policy.

Community Service Society of New York

Grant Date: 11.25.2015
Amount: $10,000

To address the challenge of giving undocumented immigrants access to health insurance, by completing modeling and analytic work on four specific policy options.

Fund for Public Health in New York / New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Grant Date: 10.28.2013
Amount: $50,000
To measure the effectiveness of the launch of New York State’s health benefit exchange in reaching uninsured persons and facilitating their connection to health care services.

Medicare Rights Center

Grant Date: 03.11.2013
Amount: $65,000

To prepare two reports focused on the Medicare program, including one on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare Advantage Plans in New York, and the other on previously unidentified issues raised by consumers.

Empire Justice Center

Grant Date: 02.15.2012
Amount: $30,000

To analyze the policy implications and implementation challenges created by the Affordable Care Act’s complex provisions related to citizenship status.

Medicare Rights Center

Grant Date: 02.16.2011
Amount: $65,000

To assess the policy implications of the Affordable Care Act for Medicare Advantage Plans in New York.

6 Results
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