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New Yorkers for Patient and Family Empowerment

Grant Date: 01.20.2016
Amount: $80,000

To improve patient care through a learning collaborative of up to 20 New York City hospitals focusing on supporting visiting policies that recognize, engage, and support family caregivers as partners in care.

Metropolitan Hospital Center

Grant Date: 02.19.2014
Amount: $50,000

To improve the transition process from hospital to home care for patients and family caregivers by addressing their needs for information, education, and support.

Day of Transition Initiative

Grant Date: 03.11.2013
Amount: $150,000 total

To improve the transition process from hospital to other care settings by addressing the needs of patients and family caregivers for information, education, and support, and by ensuring that information about the transfer and follow-up is shared among providers, as well as with family caregivers.

3 Results
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Family Caregiving

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