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The Health Indicators-Performance Improvement Project

Grant Date: 11.18.2015
Amount: $60,000

To help community-based senior-serving organizations build capacity to implement data-driven, results-oriented health and wellness programs.

Isabella Geriatric Center/Together on Diabetes-NYC

Grant Date: 02.19.2015
Amount: $60,000

To bridge Together on Diabetes-NYC service operations while Isabella Geriatric Center and a large health plan complete and implement a reimbursement agreement covering Together on Diabetes-NYC services so the program is self-sustaining.

Together on Diabetes-NYC/Isabella Geriatric Center

Grant Date: 02.19.2014
Amount: $125,000

To continue to serve Washington Heights by providing diabetes-related activities and services and further embed the program in the community.

Together on Diabetes-NYC

Grant Date: 06.19.2013
Amount: $75,000

To extend community organizations’ capacity to help senior clients better control their diabetes by making identification, engagement, and monitoring of clients with diabetes part of the organizations’ regular operations, and by further enhancing organizations’ diabetes-related activities; and to support programming to retrieve health care utilization data on participants for program evaluation purposes.

Aging in New York Fund/New York City Department for the Aging

Grant Date: 03.11.2013
Amount: $25,000

To evaluate a pilot project to provide diabetes-friendly meals in senior centers and for homebound seniors.

Together on Diabetes® for Seniors Initiative

Grant Date: 02.15.2012
Amount: $65,000 total

To enhance the capacity of community-based organizations to provide supportive services to seniors with diabetes in Washington Heights/Inwood.

6 Results
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