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Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care (PROPC)-NY Initiative

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $149,322 over 18 months

To better understand patient perspectives and help prioritize the patient voice in the delivery of high-quality primary care in New York by advancing the use of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs).

Greater New York Hospital Association

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $130,000

To increase provider capacity and enhance the quality of care within health systems across the greater New York region by building quality improvement leadership and by supporting hospitals and nursing homes in developing antibiotic stewardship programs.

UHF Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative

Grant Date: 02.17.2016
Amount: $310,180

To address the critical issue of antibiotic resistance—to date a focus of work primarily in inpatient settings—by engaging hospital-owned outpatient practice sites in analyzing the factors affecting prescribing practices and developing a comprehensive action plan to test, implement, and evaluate appropriate antibiotic stewardship best practices.

Data & Society Research Institute

Grant Date: 02.17.2016
Amount: $70,000
To generate an overview of New York-based activity to develop relevant apps, clinical decision tools, connected devices, and other assistive digital health technology for patients with multiple chronic conditions, and to create a framework for evaluating such technology.

New Yorkers for Patient and Family Empowerment

Grant Date: 01.20.2016
Amount: $80,000

To improve patient care through a learning collaborative of up to 20 New York City hospitals focusing on supporting visiting policies that recognize, engage, and support family caregivers as partners in care.

Greater New York Hospital Association

Grant Date: 11.18.2015
Amount: $175,000

To continue the UHF/GNYHA quality improvement partnership.

Greater New York Hospital Association

Grant Date: 10.22.2014
Amount: $125,000

To enhance the long-standing quality improvement infrastructure collaboratively led by the United Hospital Fund and Greater New York Hospital Association.

Greater New York Hospital Association

Grant Date: 10.28.2013
Amount: $135,000

To enhance the quality improvement infrastructure that was collaboratively established by the United Hospital Fund and Greater New York Hospital Association in 2005, with annual grant support from the Fund.

PICC Line Initiative

Grant Date: 03.11.2013
Amount: $100,000 total

To assist home care professionals in reducing the incidence of infection and improving care practices for home care patients who are discharged from the hospital with a central line.

Preventable Hospital Readmission Initiative: Stage 2

Grant Date: 04.18.2012
Amount: $200,000 total

To assist hospitals with implementing and testing a range of interventions to improve the quality and continuity of patient care and reduce preventable readmissions.

PICC Line Initiative

Grant Date: 02.15.2012
Amount: $20,000 each

To improve the care practices for patients who are discharged from the hospital with home care services and active PICC lines.

Preventable Hospital Readmission Initiative

Grant Date: 09.22.2011
Amount: $140,000

To assist seven hospitals in their efforts to study targeted groups of readmitted patients through analysis of data, charts reviews, and interviews with patients, their family caregivers, and community-based physicians in order design effective interventions.

12 Results
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