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Partnerships for Early Childhood Development

Grant Date: 02.16.2017
Amount: $ Various

To identify and address selected psychosocial risks to development associated with childhood and family poverty, through screening of young children in pediatric primary care practices and referrals to partnering community-based social service organizations for needed interventions and services.

Montefiore Medical Center

Grant Date: 10.19.2016
Amount: $188,320 over two years

To pilot-test a new framework for integrating behavioral health care services into primary care—developed and disseminated with earlier UHF support—in four primary care medical practices in New York City. Project leaders will provide technical assistance to support the use of the framework, identify implementation challenges, and fine tune the framework based on project findings and results.

Health Leads

Grant Date: 06.19.2013
Amount: $45,000

To improve the access of low-income families to housing, food, job training, and other essential resources by integrating automatic screening and referrals to supportive services into clinical care.

The Institute for Family Health

Grant Date: 06.19.2013
Amount: $70,000

To improve health outcomes and reduce costs by developing and pilot-testing a single model of care coordination.

Together on Diabetes-NYC

Grant Date: 06.19.2013
Amount: $75,000

To extend community organizations’ capacity to help senior clients better control their diabetes by making identification, engagement, and monitoring of clients with diabetes part of the organizations’ regular operations, and by further enhancing organizations’ diabetes-related activities; and to support programming to retrieve health care utilization data on participants for program evaluation purposes.

Day of Transition Initiative

Grant Date: 03.11.2013
Amount: $150,000 total

To improve the transition process from hospital to other care settings by addressing the needs of patients and family caregivers for information, education, and support, and by ensuring that information about the transfer and follow-up is shared among providers, as well as with family caregivers.

Aging in New York Fund/New York City Department for the Aging

Grant Date: 03.11.2013
Amount: $25,000

To evaluate a pilot project to provide diabetes-friendly meals in senior centers and for homebound seniors.

United Hospital Fund’s Together on Diabetes Initiative/City Harvest

Grant Date: 11.06.2012
Amount: $10,000

To enhance the capacity of diabetes support services to seniors in Washington Heights and Inwood through an expanded cooking and nutrition program provided by City Harvest.

Fund for Public Health in New York/New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Grant Date: 07.02.2012
Amount: $42,000

To engage medical providers and community-based organizations in one New York City neighborhood in designing and pilot testing a model that allows providers to use electronic health records to refer patients to community programs supporting the management of chronic disease.

Together on Diabetes® for Seniors Initiative

Grant Date: 02.15.2012
Amount: $65,000 total

To enhance the capacity of community-based organizations to provide supportive services to seniors with diabetes in Washington Heights/Inwood.

New Alternatives for Children

Grant Date: 11.09.2011
Amount: $50,000

To implement and evaluate three engagement strategies to increase medical and mental health service use by low-income families with a child who has special medical needs.

11 Results

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