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Grant Date: 02.15.2012
Amount: $30,000

The federal health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), includes a mix of new coverage options, enrollment standards, reporting requirements, and provisions that require uninsured individuals to purchase affordable health insurance or face a tax penalty.  This grant will explore and analyze the new law’s provisions as they relate to an individual’s immigration status.  One section of the analysis will examine eligibility requirements and standards for New York’s public programs, which have been shaped by federal and state court decisions, and differing federal standards for citizenship and benefit eligibility under Social Security, unemployment and Medicaid.  A second section will compare New York’s current standards on verification of income eligibility and citizenship to the ACA’s provisions and will also discuss new electronic methods for verifying this information.  In a third section, the report will examine current programs regarding confidentiality issues related to applications for coverage and how these programs differ from the programs New York will implement under the health reform law.  Finally, the project staff will look at policies in California and Massachusetts, two states facing similar challenges in terms of immigrant access to health coverage and health care.

Read the final report, the product of this grant.


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