New York Methodist Hospital

Grant Date: 06.15.2011
Amount: $40,000

Congestive heart failure patients account for the largest volume of hospital readmissions within 30 days in New York State.  Successful treatment of congestive heart failure is significantly influenced by how well patients understand and follow medical advice after discharge from the hospital.  With this grant, volunteers will work with patients and family caregivers before discharge to ensure they are knowledgeable about managing care after the hospital, to address concerns and questions, and to make appropriate referrals.  After discharge, volunteers will make follow-up calls to each patient or family caregiver within 48 hours and then make weekly calls for 30 days—reinforcing discharge instructions pertaining to weight management, diet, symptom recognition, follow-up appointments, and medications.  The impact of the program on patient health and readmissions will be evaluated through patient data, and staff and patient satisfaction will be evaluated through surveys.

Read the story about the results of this grant.


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