Health Care 2021: A Vision for New York


CUNY Graduate School and University Center, The City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Date & Time

02.09.2016 8:30 AM - 3:15 PM


Hollis Holmes

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Co-sponsored by UHF and the New York State Health Foundation

Health care delivery and payment reforms underway in New York have the potential to yield dramatic transformation. That the health care landscape will look very different in five years is a given, but the precise dimensions of that change are still unknown.

This conference will focus on the likely state of health care delivery in 2021, in view of current reform efforts (e.g., the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program, the State Health Innovation Plan, the Statewide Health Information Network of New York, and Medicaid Value-Based Purchasing); increasing consolidation in the health care marketplace; new tools for collecting, managing, exchanging, and analyzing data; and other health care trends. Panels will consider the following questions:

How will delivery system and financing reform affect consumers' experiences and interactions with the health care system?

How will our systems and stakeholders adapt if the promises of electronic information sharing—to support care coordination, clinical decision-making, and identification and adoption of evidence-based practice—become a reality?

How will the roles and relationships of health care providers and health plans differ from today's?





8:45  Welcome
James R. Tallon, Jr.
United Hospital Fund

David R. Sandman, PhD
Senior Vice President
New York State Health Foundation

9:00 Keynote
Health Care 2021: A Vision for New York
The keynote will offer a vision for what the health care system will look like in 2021 and beyond, taking into consideration many current overlapping federal and state reform efforts and health care trends.  This big picture view will set the context for the rest of the conference’s focus on the changing roles of health plans and providers, advances in digital information sharing, and the patient and consumer experience.

George Halvorson
Chair and CEO
Institute for InterGroup Understanding

Moderator: James R. Tallon, Jr.

10:00 Break

10:30 Engaged and Informed Consumers and Patients
What will the health care system look like in 2021 for consumers and patients, and what should it look like? This session will explore the changing patient and consumer dynamic as the health system is transformed. It will focus on the patient experience, patients’ ability to participate in and navigate the system, their financial exposure, and the role and limitations of technology.

David R. Sandman, PhD

Charles Bell
Programs Director
Consumers Union

Michael Miller, MPP
Director, Strategic Policy
Community Catalyst

Sally Okun, RN, MMHS
Vice President, Advocacy, Policy & Patient Safety

11:45 Technology and Information Sharing
Major investments are underway to improve health information technology, information sharing, and big data analytics.  Five years from now, will systems be interoperable between providers, payers, care coordinators and analysts? Will physicians be communicating with patients outside of the clinic? Will patients be confident that their data are secure and private and that they have easy access? Will technology help empower and engage them?  Will opportunities for integrated data move the ball on quality care and outcomes? Speakers will address these critical questions.

Amy Shefrin
Program Officer
New York State Health Foundation

Farzad Mostashari, MD
Co-founder and CEO

Eugene Heslin, MD
Lead Physician
Bridge Street Family Medicine

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Providers and Plans in 2021
What do health care industry leaders think a transformed health care system will look like in 2021? How will their own organizations look different and adapt to unfolding reforms and trends? This panel will engage leaders in a conversation about the changing roles and relationships of providers and plans, the potential impact of enhanced patient and consumer involvement, and the challenges of managing complex change in a regulatory environment struggling to keep up with industry changes.  

Andrea G. Cohen
Senior Vice President for Program
United Hospital Fund


Linda Brady, MD
President & CEO
Kingsbrook Healthcare System

Karen Ignagni, MBA
President & CEO

Jeffrey Kraut
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Analytics
Northwell Health

Paloma Izquierdo-Hernandez, MPH, MS
President and CEO
Urban Health Plan

3:00 Wrap-up

3:15 Adjourn


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