Annual Reports

Each year our annual report features vision statements from our president and our board chairman, updates on major initiatives and accomplishments, a complete list of grants awarded during the fiscal year, and a capsule financial statement.

2016: Building a More Effective Health Care System

This year’s annual report focuses on how UHF’s initiatives are addressing the challenges of a changing health care landscape and having a real impact on the quality, accessibility, affordability, and patient experience of health care. Read more.

2015: Levers of Change

This annual report highlights how UHF's strategic use of resources to target key levers of change is helping move health care reform from theory to reality, to create concrete improvements in the delivery of care—and in its outcomes—for all New Yorkers. Read more.

2014: Work in Progress

New York’s health care system is on the move, with dramatic changes being made in its basic elements. The success of this transformation will in large part be determined by how we explain our "new" health care system, and how we connect people with the health care institutions they rely on. The Fund’s work is expanding to reflect that reality, and to continue to inform this essential work in progress. Read more.

2013: Making Change Work

As the Fund continues to engage with health care’s most important issues and their impact on real people, the goal remains clear: to identify opportunities, shape meaningful strategies for improvement, and move from the promise of reform to the reality of a health care system that serves us all well. Read more.

2012: Explain. Improve. Connect.

Explain, improve, connect: three imperatives for our time that also describe both the goals and substance of the Fund's work. Covering the most remarkable year for health policy in decades, the 2012 annual report explores the Fund's profound role in shaping real change. Read more.

2011: New Directions

With both daunting challenges and dazzling promise facing our health care system, the Fund's lead in identifying and disseminating innovative approaches and excellence is helping build a more rational health care future. Read more.

2010: Rethink/Renew/Reshape/Reform

"In our attention to the details of the varied elements of our health care system, and in our broad vision of a system that integrates those parts into a smoothly working, far-reaching whole, we have anticipated and helped prepare the way for [a] new national vision and purpose."  Read more.

2009: Vision/Accomplishment

 "At the core of health care reform, and at the core of what the United Hospital Fund does, is promoting the values of a community that welcomes newcomers, that believes in a common responsibility for our well-being, and that envisions health care as a necessity if we are to continue to support, and expect, the individual achievements that have made New York great."  Read more.

2008: How... to improve New Yorkers' Health Care

"The complexity of our health care system is daunting. But in looking not just at its individual elements but at how they mesh and function together, the Fund helps make the system work better for all New Yorkers. For a small organization, our large vision and targeted approach generate sustained impact."  Read more.

2007: Progress

"We've gone beyond identifying isolated components of the system to look at how one element affects the others, and how the pieces fit together.... Addressing these challenges simultaneously is our strategy and our vision for finding real and meaningful solutions."  Read more.

2006: Change for the Better

"At the core of our work is the belief that improvement can be made, first by developing an empirically based understanding of the problems, and second by adopting meaningful, achievable goals... both laying down foundations and building on-the-ground results, crossing from the place of telling about the problems to finding and demonstrating solutions."  Read more.


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